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House of Modern Mythology: Midtown Comics

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Comics are more than just stories, to the world, they serve a deeper purpose as introspective narratives that describe the human experience and life itself. Much like myths, comics reveal timeless insights into the weakness and potential we all possess and strive to understand. From a panel to the hearts of the readers, Comics have proven to be an undeniable inspiration for all walks of life for this generation and those to come.

*Grand Central Store, Times Square Store, Astoria, Queens Store (From Left to Right)*

The Influence of Comics

Comics are an escape from life’s monotony and support the community in unexpected ways. Izzy, a manager at Midtown Comics, said,

“Growing up with dyslexia proved to be a serious challenge for me once I started reading. However, my mother refused to let that hold me back, so to improve and foster a love for reading, she handed me my first comics” Izzy goes on to say,
“Ever since then, I have been coming to Midtown Comics. I now have the opportunity to give back as an employee.”

For other staff members, what truly resonates with them is the deeply human stories depicted in comics. Carlos, a Sales Associate, said,

“I’m a Batman fan, and while reading one of the comics, Batman was compartmentalizing all the tasks and stresses he deals with every day, and what he realized takes the biggest toll on him is the anxiety he experiences”

This depiction of anxiety is something that brought Carlos to tears as he felt it resonated with him on such a personal level.

Comic books, manga, and graphic novels all share a special place in the hearts of their fans. Upon visiting the Midtown Comics locations, it has become abundantly clear that the staff shares the same love for comics as their customers. While what drives the employees to comics may seem like differing perspectives, they each carry the same passion.

Passing Down the Love

Just like mythology, the passing down of these stories is how they survive throughout generations. While some individuals have been introduced to comics by first falling in love with their animated series, for Jade, the store manager, an older sibling introduced her to comics at a young age. Nonetheless, comics have always found a way to reach the hearts of fans.

“The sense of adventure I get when looking for comics is a feeling of pure magic,” said Sam, Store Manager. “It’s a feeling like nothing else; when you go through crates of hundreds of books and stumble across something that you can feel is truly special…it is an unrivaled experience”

This sense of adventure eventually gets a hold of all fans, however, since we know that some days may be harder to find “The One” …here are a couple of recommendations from the staff for your next trip to Midtown Comics:

Staff Recommendations

Ragna Crimson

Zom 100

Annihilation (Marvel)

Batman White Knight

Step by Bloody Step


Cost-Free Cosplay (Midtown Comic Staff Picks)

We asked the staff who they would cosplay as if they were gifted a free costume, here are their choices:

*1. 90's Superboy (Izzy), 2. Ronan The Accuser (Sam), 3. Hulk Buster Suit (Nelson) 4. Gundam Mecha (Carlos), 5. Age of Apocalypse Cyclops (Grant)*

Don't forget to check us out at this year's Wicked Comic Con in Boston, April 22-23.

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Apr 17, 2023

I love the Time Square location!

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