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Elevate Your Perspective!

Omniscient Studios only works with creator-owned material. Our goal is to broaden a creators audience and ability to display their Manga, Comic or Graphic Novel, in perspectives that enhances the readers experience. We do not contract creators; we’re only interested in adapting original content for which you will retain all rights. Please do not submit any work that utilizes already-existing characters or otherwise—as they will automatically be declined.


Please note, we are not looking for any specific character archetype or genre of book. We are looking for well-written and well-drawn manga/comics/graphic-novels that transport people to interesting perspectives and worlds.

What Do I Need To Do?

A typed, half-page, synopsis of the overall story arc (not just of the issue being serviced). Please keep this as concise as possible, tell us what sets your story apart from other manga/comics/graphic-novels and be clear as to who the target audience is (“Everyone” is not realistic—there is no single book on the market today that everybody buys).  Additionally we ask that you provide 3-5 scans of your stories pages, as it gives us the necessary breadth of information and general gist of your story. 

*Must be 18+ years or older to submit

How to Submit a Request

Please convert half-page synopsis and scans into ONE pdf document, labeled (LastName_FirstName_Date) and submit it into the dropbox link provided below in the "Submit Work" Button. Any service request without submitted work will not be accepted.



After reading the above, choose a plan and send your submissions below!


Looking forward to making your acquaintance!




Team Omniscient

Our Services


3 Month Plan

  • 24 Social Media Posts (8 Posts/Month)*

  • 1 Blog Post*

  • Motion Panels*

  • 1 Discussion board for your work*

  • 1 Professional Marketing Meeting


6 Month Plan

  • 72 Social Media Posts (12 Posts/Month)*

  • 2 Blog Posts*

  • 10 Motion Panels*

  • 1 Discussion board for your work*

  • 3 Professional Marketing Meeting

  • 1 AMV (Animated Music Video)

  • 1 Wix Website Landing Page


12 Month Plan

  • 192 Social Media Posts (16 Post/Month)*

  • 4 Blog Posts*

  • 10 Motion Panels

  • 1 Discussion board for your work*

  • Professional Marketing Meeting (Bimonthly)

  • 3 Month Marketing Plan

  • 1 Episode (B&W or Color)

  • 1 AMV (Animated Music Video)

  • 3 Wix Website Landing Page

Indivudual Services

Blog Post

Blog Post Dedicated To Creator's Work

Social Media Posts

Creation of Graphic Advertisements

Limited Motion Panels

Maximum of 5 Motion Panels Created

Discussion Board

Discussion Category For Creator's Work

Request a Service



Thanks for submitting!

*Any service request without submitted work will not be accepted  

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