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Omni-Tapes, Vol. 1 Lo-fi Hip Hop Album👁️

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

Streaming now across ALL platforms! 👁️

Elevate Your Perspective With Omniscient Studios

We already watch animated movies and shows with amazing why don't we have music for our manga and comics too?

We created this tape with the hopes of getting as close as we could to the experience of watching Anime. The Omni-Tapes, Vol. 1 reinvents contemporary lo-fi by fusing the timeless sounds of Boom-bap with the eye-grabbing energy of Trap. While we produced this body of music to play as the soundtrack surrounding your reading experience, we hope that listening to it also makes you feel like the MC of your own life, even if you are doing homework or chores.

The tape is divided into Side A (10 Beats) and Side B (10 Beats) which follows a rollercoaster-esk progression where you are rising towards Ascension, and then you are carried down softly by the adrenaline rush of the third quarter of the tape. Every sound and sample in this tape was chosen with the goal of evoking the many different aspects of nostalgia. We sincerely hope you enjoy listening.

Just think... "If Hip Hop had a baby with Toonami"


And Many More!


Track List ►

Sunset Purple - prod. MilkyWaay x Adonis (Serum RADIO)

Time Flew - prod. Neo Blue

Razzberry Rings - prod. MilkyWaay

Golden Eyes - prod. MilkyWaay x William Walsh x Adonis (Serum RADIO) x Sean (Parkway)

Deja vu - prod. Neo Blue

Hotel Lobby - prod. Neo Blue

Brown Stones - prod. DMoney

Barrage - prod. DMoney

Special Grade - prod. Adonis (Serum RADIO)

Ascension - prod. MilkyWaay x Adonis (Serum RADIO)

Immortal Flame - prod. MilkyWaay

Reconcile - prod. MilkyWaay

Steppin On Suns - prod. MilkyWaay x Adonis (Serum RADIO)

Through It All - prod. MilkyWaay

A Mile On Mars - prod. MilkyWaay

Inertia - prod. MilkyWaay x William Walsh

Vast Frontier - prod. MilkyWaay x William Walsh

Resurgence - prod. MilkyWaay

Xpand your Mind - prod. MilkyWaay x William Walsh

Night Cap - prod. Neo Blue


Design - neoblue.creates (IG)

Video Editing - neoblue.creates (IG)

Audio Editing - djmilkywaay (IG)


Music By ►

MilkyWaay - djmilkywaay (IG)

Adonis (Serum RADIO) - omniscient.studios (IG)

Neo Blue - Neo Blue (Spotify)

William Walsh - will (Spotify)

Sean (Parkway) - omniscient.studios (IG)



Omniscient Studios LLC. produces multimedia content and provides marketing consultation services for a wide range of clients.

Have questions? Let us know!

Thanks For Reading!

1 Comment

Oct 12, 2023

thank you for making something I can listen to while reading manga. this beat tape is dope 11/10

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