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The Allegory of the Forrest (Way Too Fly Art Appreciation Series)

In the pursuit of Valhalla, is there more to achieve? Is purpose beyond the end or in the end itself? Season 2 of Vinland Saga continues to ask the question, is there light through the void of darkness or must we continue to label this existence we endure as life.

In this savage coming of age story, we have seen the main protagonist, Thorfinn, lose his way countless times as a young child both physically and mentally. This constant internal and external struggle has led to the formation of a psuedo-shell that hides a frightened child shivering in a cocoon of a man. Deep within Thorfinn not only lies the remnants of his youth but the curiosity to life that he once had. The goals, hopes and dreams that such a bright-eyed young boy once had have been turned into fairytale. The blood that has run down Throfinn's path has painted a well enough picture of the world for him, so of course we can understand his inability to see other perspectives. However, it is one thing to understand his actions, and it is another thing to condone them.

The Allegory of the Forrest

This season has been a constant reminder that the hands of support and love can penetrate the void we walk through and gently guide us to a better path. The most recent episodes have focused around the seemingly impossible feat of clearing an entire forest. For some unknown period of time, Thorfinn was clearing the field alone until the deuteragonist, Einar, is fated to cross paths with our MC and help him in ways that Thorfinn is still attempting to comprehend.

Viewers at first may be led to believe that this is a straightforward storyline of farming, but should not be shocked to discover the deeper layers of this rural metaphor manifests its ideologies as pure gold. While the main characters have a vast forest they must clear ahead of them, Thorfinn and Einar begin to make some progress with their leveling efforts. However Throfinn begins to question if they should continue to cut down more trees or if they should begin farming. Following the results of a plot related series of events, the two decide to prepare the land for crops. Fortunately, what grew faster than the wheat they had been planting, was the hope in the eyes of an overgrown baby.


The seemingly endless forest is a representation of all the endless trauma and pain that is so rooted into Throfinn's identity. While extremely daunting and a seemingly unending task, Thorfinn has been just mindlessly swinging his axe seeking to get through as much of the forest as he can, with no real goals past that. However, with the introduction of Einar’s character, we are shown the benefits of friendship and the way that others' experiences and life can help to shift your perspective to one that focuses on an immediate goal rather than the multitude of work awaiting them.

The value of finishing the task in front of you is rooted in the joy and hope that motivates you to continue to cut down more of the trees that persistently block your view to the light. Thorfinn's actions have demonstrated that the effects of completion will not only inspire you, but also introduce you to a feeling that you should continuously attempt to attain.

Growth begins when you allow it to, be intentional.

Vinland Saga Season 2 Trailer

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Mar 09, 2023

Never truly understood the reasoning for Season 2 taking place on a farm, but the analogy is much clearer now 🤩

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