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The Best Power System in Anime? Devil Fruits x Haki

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Devil Fruits

The pirating and political story of One Piece hosts a massive world with more question than answers, especially when regarding the origin and existence of Devil Fruits. These mysterious fruits are found all over the world, and are infamous for giving their consumer superhuman abilities at the ironic price of losing their ability to swim for the rest of their lives. Those who consume devil fruits live a totally alien existence to others.

Overall, Devil Fruits vary in the hundreds offering the consumer a wide range of abilities. Ranging from the (seemingly) useless to some with the power to destroy the world, these fruits can be roughly divided into three classes: Zoan, Logia, Paramecia. These fruits are highly sought-after for their rarity, some even paying hundreds of millions, or trading substantial amounts of wealth or political power for them. Significant efforts have been made to mass-produce artificial versions for use in warfare.





Haki is an intriguing ability that lets its possessor harness their own spiritual force for a variety of uses. All living things have the capacity to learn Haki, but the majority of people either fail to recognize it or are unable to awaken it. Haki may also be used to grant the user a protective covering of spiritual energy and, for a specific group of "chosen ones," to overcome the willpower of others. It can sense people's spiritual energies and foresee their activities.

Rayleigh found that Haki users typically desire to utilize one certain type of power and seek to specialize in it. There are some advanced users that have the ability to utilize many Haki types. In the New World, the usage of Haki is much more common, and fans have numerous characters employ various Haki kinds extremely skillfully and have perfected it to the point that they're renown for their feats. While Haki is used by some to enhance their devil fruit abilities, it is also the only way to neutralize the effects of devil fruits, other than sea prism stone.

Observational Haki


Observation is the most fundamental type of Haki. It bestows enhanced perceptions comparable to a sixth sense and, to some extent, even the capacity of precognition (the ability to see into the future). When Silvers Rayleigh eventually disclosed it before the time skip, this power made multiple appearances in the story.

Armament Haki


Armament Haki is perhaps the most practical type of Haki as it enables the user to manifest their spirit invisibly, although it iuse is made apparent with a dark coloring over the skin of the user. By coating their bodies with it, they may utilize it both offensively and defensively.

The primary benefit of Armament Haki is that it enables the user to get beyond any defenses provided by a Devil Fruit, such as the Gomu Gomu no Mi's rubbery exterior or the Pika Pika no Mi's light body.

Conqueror's Haki


Conqueror's Haki, often referred to as the Color of the Supreme King Haki, is a unique ability that only a select few people are born with. This power is exceedingly terrifying and is thought to be possessed by one in a million humans.

Conqueror's Haki enables the person to demonstrate their willpower by imposing it on others on a fundamental level. The weak will faint as soon as they enter within the range of the user's strength.

What's Your Favorite Power System in Anime?

  • Devil Fruits + Haki (One Piece)

  • Nen (Hunter x Hunter)

  • Stand (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

  • Magic (Black Clover)


Take the quiz and comment below what you got!

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Asuncion Diaz
Asuncion Diaz
Apr 26, 2023

This blog was enlightening! I had so much fun finding out which character I'm like. CROCODILE!!!

Apr 26, 2023
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How evil!

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