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Time To Square Up (Way Too Fly Art Appreciation Series)

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

While anime's captivating storylines continue to keep audiences at the edge their seats, what truly gets us up and jumping is the mesmerizing fighting styles showcased in these series. From flaming feet to bare fist battles, here are a couple of our favorite fighting styles that have been depicted in recent years.


Black Leg Style (Sanji - One Piece)

The Black Leg Style was created by Zeff with a specific emphasis on kicks, repurposing the use of hands into acrobatics like handstands to boost the strength and range of kicks. This is done in order to prevent the hands from getting damaged during a fight, which would be devastating for a chef like Sanji.

This makes it a particularly flexible martial art that can efficiently defeat several attackers at once and weave continuous and strong strikes against opponents. Together with outstanding acrobatic abilities, it also possesses a sizable and astonishing variety of kicking methods.


Taijutsu (Rock Lee - Naruto)

While many Naruto characters prefer to stick to the usage of chakra and hand signs when fighting, others tend to primarily rely on their fists. Rock Lee and his master Guy are unable to use chakra therefore they must instead employ Taijutsu to fight. Although Lee has some of the best fights in the series, it could look uninteresting to anime enthusiasts who have never watched the series.

Lee is an fireball of fury, especially when he takes the weights off his arms and legs, this feat particularly boasted in his battle with Gaara during the Chunin Exams. Lee may only be capable of using Taijutsu, but with his talent, that is all he really needs.


The Art of Jeet Kune Do (Spike Spiegel - Cowboy Bebop)

Spike from Cowboy Bebop is a superb mixed martial artist, despite his laid back attitude and demeanor. Bruce Lee's fighting technique, Jeet Kune Do, had an effect on the mixed-martial-arts philosophy that Spike practices.

The ability to immediately predict and react to an opponent's motions is a key component of this fighting style. Spike moves like water, making him hard to strike, and anyone who tries to fight him may find it painfully unpleasant. Bruce Lee was an exceptional fighter, thus it seems sense that his own fighting technique would be unstoppable.


Renewal Taekwondo (Jin Mori - The God of Highschool)

Dragon Ball is among the first anime series that most fans think of when they consider martial arts, however, The God of Highschool series initially takes a more grounded approach at the various fighting styles. Main character Jin Mori, employs the use of Renewal Taekwondo, a combat style created by Jin Tae-jin during the Korean War.

By employing this technique, Jin is not only extremely fast and strong, but also able to fire attacks that use air pressure to knock opponents out. As compared to other disciplines, Renewal Taekwondo is without a doubt one of the most potent martial arts.


Southern Praying Mantis Style (Toph - Avatar The Last Airbender)

Avatar the Last Airbender has a number of unique combat tactics within each bending style. Toph Beifong is one of the series' top benders despite being blind. When utilizing her Earthbending, Toph's reflexes are sped up and her senses become more acute as she uses the vibrations within the earth to decode her environment much like a bat uses echolocation.

Also, she fights significantly differently from every other Earthbender. Toph's earthbending is influenced by the Southern Praying Mantis Style, as opposed to the Hung Gar used by all other earthbenders. Her approach makes logical sense given that she is a blind bender as it prioritizes counterattacks which in turn, makes her fights that much more thrilling.


Street Fight Brawling (Tokyo Revenger)

Fancy techniques or magic aren't always necessary for entertaining anime fights as some series focus more on traditional street fighting; this is particularly true for anime with delinquent characters.

Tokyo Revengers is a more modern illustration of an anime with a lot of street combat that boast characters who fight for the thrill and loyalty of their affiliations. If their fist aren't doing the job, you better learn how to duck because they swing bats too.


Which Fighting Style Would You Want To Learn?

  • Black Leg Style

  • Taijutsu

  • The Art Of Jeet Kune Do

  • Renewal Taekwondo

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