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Who Wins? Koriand'r Vs Sypha Belnades: Starfire x The Speaker Magician

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Who Would Win?

Koriand'r (Starfire)

Starfire Profile

In American comic books published by DC Comics, Princess Koriand'r, a.k.a. Starfire is a superheroine. She made her debut in a teaser tale included in DC Comics Presents #26. (October 1980). She was created by the late George Pérez and Marv Wolfman. In Gardner Fox's February 1962 short tale "The Answer Man of Space" from Mystery in Space issue #73, the name "Starfire" first appeared (for an unrelated character) in a DC Comic.

Starfire is a Princess of Tamaran and the second of three children. Her elder sister Komand'r and her grew up to have a strong rivalry when Komand'r was diagnosed with a disease as a newborn that stopped her from collecting solar energy to enable her to fly and, thus making her ineligible to claim the throne.

The two sisters were sent to train with the legendary Warlords of Okaara and during warrior training Komand'r tried to kill Koriand'r, but got caught and was exiled. She swore revenge and joined the Citadel, quickly rising through their ranks to become a warrior-maiden. Eventually, Komand'r betrayed Tamaran and conquered the planet with the Citadel. She had her sister enslaved and tortured, with plans to execute her, when they were both captured by the Psions.

The sisters were used as test subjects for experiments on the psions, an alien race of cruel scientists who wanted to gauge how much ultraviolet energy the sisters' bodies could withstand before blowing up from the overload. As a result of the experimentation, Starfire and Blackfire developed the ability to produce star bolts which they utilized to aid in their escape. Starfire assisted in saving her sister, but once they were both freed, Blackfire still made an attempt to kill her. Starfire later made her way to Earth and joined the Teen Titans.

Speed: Jet Speed

Strength: Skull Breaker

Durability: Body Is Literally Different

IQ: Average Battle Tactician

Weakness: Allergies


Sypha Belnades (Sypha)

Sypha Profile

Sypha Belnades is one of the main protagonists in the Netflix original series Castlevania. The granddaughter of the Elder of the Speakers, a group of scholarly nomads, Sypha is a sorceress with control over the elements. The Church falsely accused Sypha and her fellow Speakers in Gresit in the late fifteenth century of being responsible for the attacks launched by Dracula's soldiers. They continued to stay in the city to help the underprivileged despite being continuously harassed. Sypha ultimately mastered the magic of the elements.

To discover the "sleeping soldier" who would protect mankind from Lord Dracula in 1476, Sypha entered the city tombs on her own. However, when she descended too far, a cyclops attacked her and turned her into stone. Fortunately, she was saved by Trevor Belmont, a vampire hunter who had been banished and had been sent by her grandfather to find her corpse. She was released from her stone imprisonment after he killed the Cyclops. Following these incidents and the Battle of Gresit, the two found Alucard (the sleeping soldier) , and the three of them made the decision to bring down Dracula's army.

Speed: Pavel Kulizhnikov Wit Torpedo hands

Strength: Adaptable Fighter

Durability: 1 Wall Worthy

IQ: Professor Belnades

Weakness: Mortal Wounds


Verdict: This is one the hardest match-ups for the team to have made a verdict on. With only a glance, we are swayed towards Sypha claiming the belt. However, we may be bias due to the distinct difference ( in which these two characters are most popularly depicted in. while Starfire's durability, and battle tenacity is definitely Justice League worthy; Sypha does presents a tactical advantage due to her superior IQ. When we sway around our thoughts like this, we like to ask ourselves... "Would character A be able to defeat a villain from character B's verse, and visa versa". While we not only believe that both characters can handle one another's respective enemies, we believe that Starfire would have total triumph. Sypha's stamina would not be able to keep up with Starfire's flight speed, speed of attack, and sheer destructive power of her energy blasts. We attribute Starfire's victory to the observation that Sypha has mostly killed vampires with the assistance of holy water and in addition to fire. Starfire would not need such conditions as she is the natural enemy of such creatures, her star blast are ultraviolet energy that make the undead, dead-dead.

Winner: Koriand'r (Starfire)

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  • Starfire

  • Sypha



  • Starfire

  • Sypha



  • Starfire

  • Sypha



  • Starfire

  • Sypha


Who do YOU think win?

  • Starfire

  • Sypha

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