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Who Wins? Mari McCabe Vs Tamaki Amajiki: Vixen x Suneater

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Who Would Win?

Vixen (Mari Jiwe McCabe)

Vixen's Profile

Mari McCabe has the speed of a cheetah, the strength of a bull, the ferocity of a tiger, and all the other traits, strengths, and prowess of the animal kingdom at her disposal. She harnesses these abilities through a magical family heirloom to battle those who would harm the environment as the superhero Vixen.

Mari Jiwe McCabe was raised in a small African village, where her mom taught her about the Tantu Totem legend. She was the daughter of Reverend Richard Jiwe, the village priest, who raised her alone after her mother was killed by poachers under the command of a man by the name of Aku Kwesi.

Reverend Jiwe was himself assassinated by General Maksai, his half-brother and Mari's uncle. The Tantu Totem, which had been in the care of Reverend Jiwe, was something Makasai desired.

Now orphaned, she fled to America and overtime developed the identity of Mari McCabe and soon took use of her stunning looks to make a name for herself as a popular fashion model in New York City. She used her newfound wealth to tour the world.

When she got back to Africa, she ran across her uncle and grabbed the Tantu Totem, using its power to become the Vixen. Thanks to the powerful necklace her parents gave her, she could take on the traits of any animal on Earth. She could soar like a hawk, swim underwater like a fish, and even harden her skin to a degree of protection comparable to a rhinoceros. To defend and protect all innocents, including humans and animals, Mari adopts the identity "Vixen.

Mari can be incredibly righteous and has a short fuse, but she also possesses compassion, which gives her a steady, unwavering moral compass. In addition to being a superhero, she is a model and an advocate for animal rights, which empowers her to utilize every aspect of her existence to protect creatures who are unable to defend themselves against mankind. She has fought as Vixen with some of the greatest heroes in the DC Universe and has even been a member of the Justice League.


Speed: She Be MOVIN

Strength: Primal

Durability: Bullet Proof

IQ: Average

Weakness: Losing herself


Suneater (Tamaki Amajiki)

Suneater's Profile

Tamaki can certainly display moments of bravery despite having a timid heart. Tamaki, although being naturally timid and reserved, was able to develop his abilities and advance to become one of the Big 3 in U.A. Because of his partnership with Tamaki throughout their lives, Mirio Togata has served as a major source of inspiration for him, and as a result, Tamaki has developed a set of strict principles that he will stand by.

Tamaki doesn't think anyone should belittle the efforts of another individual. He observed that Class 1-A even showed his face to remark on how Mirio put a lot of effort into developing his own power while failing to acknowledge it. Tamaki frequently finds motivation from Mirio to take action despite his anxiety. Suneater exhibits a brilliant display of bravery by accepting the task of taking on three bad guys by himself so that the other team members may finish the job. Suneater is inspired by Mirio's bravery during the yakuza raid.

Tamaki's physical ability and quirk are exceptional, but he lacks self-assurance and is an extremely awkward social person. He reportedly feels overburdened by the need to be perfect, which has lowered his self-esteem. Tamaki's Quirk allows him to take on the appearance of anything he has eaten; for instance, if he eats takoyaki, he can change his fingers into octopus tentacles. His crab claws were readily able to break metal weapons, demonstrating how much stronger than usual everything he produces is. Tamaki will manifest more powerfully the more of a chemical he consumes.

He only has access to a food's properties while it is still in his system, and those attributes are lost as soon as the food is totally absorbed. He must prepare his meals in advance because he has to recharge his Quirk every day. Because of his intense training at U.A., Tamaki is able to employ many manifestations at once, control the size of the manifestation, and exactly choose the best features of everything he consumes to fit any given scenario.


Speed: Super Human

Strength: Eat For More Gains

Durability: At least City block

IQ: Average

Weakness: Cardio Lol


Verdict: For Tamaki, he takes the phrase, "You are what you eat' quite literal as his abilities allow him to utilize the power of foods he consumes. An extremely formidable and versatile opponent, Tamaki has proven himself time and time again why he is apart of the Big 3. While his abilities offer him a wide range of moves/techniques his ability to combine them all at once is by far his greatest's feat. Despite, such an immense power, Mari, otherwise known as Vixen is the Queen of this all out Animal Kingdom brawl. Vixen's abilities are not limited by the food she consumes but by what her imagination can supply. As long as she is in possession of her Tantu Totem she can gain the abilities of any animal ever (may I repeat...EVER), with the drawback of becoming victim to the animal form's primal aggression if used for prolonged periods of time. Nonetheless, Vixen takes the crown over Suneater and cooks this aspiring hero like some fried calamari.

Winner: Vixen (Mari Jiwe McCabe)

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  • Vixen

  • Suneater



  • Vixen

  • Suneater



  • Vixen

  • Suneater



  • Vixen

  • Suneater


Who do YOU think will win?

  • Vixen

  • Suneater

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